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January 27, 2020

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My Last "Someday"

May 21, 2019


Today is May 21st, 2019. If you read my Intro post, you may have noticed it was dated in 2017. That was the year I was suplosed to launch this blog. Then again in 2018, then again April 1st, per the challenge of someone I love and respect. Amd still this went unpublished. But, I said today, "someday" has to be today or it will not happen. It was easy to write over the years, telling myself, I will publish once it is perfect. But how can an imperfect person perfect her imperfect stories? I can edit, and rewrite all I'd like. Infact, there are a few post that are still drafts because they just don't seem ready. But who really is ready to face something that unnerves you? 


So the clean verson, of what I said to my self is this..."Screw this. Just publish the freakin' blog." 


So, I did. 



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