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If I had a Youtube channel...and liked to be out there like that...I would totally do Vlogmas! But that is not the I want to attempt to do it here! Clearly, I have missed some days...because I just decided to do I may post some extra stuff for the days that I missed.

I have come across A LOT of great articles, seen some really cool movies and experienced some new things that would love to share.

Now, fall is technically still here and where I doesn't make much difference what season it is supposed to be because this state does whatever it wants anyway.

SO! Some things to start off with. Songs to share. Spotify sent me my 2019 Hot list and I didn't realize how much I love the songs that I have been play so much of...go figure.

Since I became a premium member in 2016 I have surely racked up some unimpressive numbers. Almost 365,000 minutes of play time. I really would have thought I would have much more than that since I either am listening to music or working...Wait...forgot about Netflix...

Aside from worship and music/movie scores my top songs and artists were pretty consistent the past few years. But this year...things changed. I thought I'd share some of them with you. Highlighting a 2 songs that I have listened to on repeat more time than I can count. But thankfully, Spotify did.

Top Song - This Too Shall Last - Anderson East - 37 hours

Top Artist - Parachute. With Kiss Me Slowly topping every song with 41 hours of play time.


Here's the results.

Top 5 Artists - With a few extras!

1. Parachute

2. Jean-Yves Thibaudet

3. Anderson East

4. Sleeping At Last

5. Michael Bolton


Brooke Fraser and Maggie Rogers

Top 5 Songs - With a few extras!

1. Your Hands Are Cold - Pride and Prejudice OST

2. This Too Shall Last - Anderson East

3. Liz On Top Of The World - Pride and Prejudice OST

4. Kiss Me Slowly - Parachute

5. Speak - Bethany Music


Superposition - Young the Giant

The Promise - Kirk Whalum

Tequila - Dan+Shay

Top 5 Playlists:


2.Country at Heart

3.Entering In



This could be very insignificant to you but music is life! So some of these songs have been an anchor this year. Maybe I'll link my profile so you can check out a playlist...I have over 100.

Now, let's move on to the other stuff.


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