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Unified by the Half-Breed

I have finished reading this book called Half-Breed by LeTesha Wheeler. (A link to this book will be at the end of this post.)

At the beginning of the book, she writes about Aquaman and how his mixed heritage would be the glue to bringing two worlds together. There is a show I watched, Carnival Row, the main character was of two races, in a culture where it was severely frowned upon and they were considered lower than some other creatures. Both of these characters represent real life situations. How many first generation mixed children, brought their families together over these last few centuries. Over the millennia!

Why is it that unity can be so easily written for screen or books and those of mixed heritage can be the binding solution within the divided fantasy world, but we cannot seem to do such a thing in the real world with the human race on a global scale?

This book aided me on my journey of evaluating my own heart and thoughts on the racial issues within the world. I have spoken a bit about this and my own story. But as I read this book it helped guide me and sift through my own thoughts.

I started this book unprepared for what would hit me as I read it. I cannot say that I am completely positive on where I stand but I can say that I am beyond willing to get to stable ground. There were extremely convicting chapters and some that encouraged and some that sparked conversation.

This book is far more than a call for reconciliation. This book is a loving push to evaluate the deepest parts of yourself. Whether the color of your skin has affected your life experiences or not. It gives a very interesting and needed perspective of someone who comes from multiple ethnicities and how it has shaped and formed her as a person. Not just a mixed person. But a person, a human. At the end of the day, that is what we all are. Humans. With different skin colors, eye colors, hair colors and textures. We are a variety.

Why is it we can appreciate the variety of colors in the sunset, or the seasons but cannot appreciate the variety in people?

I believe, this book is meant to nudge the indifferent, tenderize the skeptical and encourage an ignited desire for unity within all who read it. If you believe your heart is good but have struggled to articulate your thoughts, this book will help you. If your heart has been hurt and hardened by experience, this book can begin to soften your heart and help you on the road to healing. If you are someone, whose never had to think about this or never thought you had to, this book can provide you with perspective.

Yes, I believe a heart check and change will lead us to the road of intended unity. But I also believe that for some, before you remove the guard on your heart, you need a perspective shift. Your mind needs to be touched before you allow yourself to open your heart.

I hope that I did this book justice with this post. I hope that I grow in understanding and my perspective is altered. I hope that my hurts are healed so I can be an example and advocate for reconciliation.

I believe my own journey with racial issues was for a specific reason. And I think a lot of it has to do with this season and the impact of words...on paper and out of the mouth.

Please, do yourself and those around a favor. Buy this book. Buy several to hand out! So we can spread this message of unity and reconciliation within our communities, cities, state and our nation. Let's spark healthy conversations!


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