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It's October!

October is my absolute favorite month. Not because of Halloween or Fall Harvest. I love October because to me it truly marks the beginning of my favorite seasons. When I think of October I think of colorful trees, falling leaves, football, COLD WEATHER! I think of marching season (Band Nerd) and FALL FASHION!

October is just a bomb month to me. It's the first domino to some of the best months. October to March for some reason, surely more than the cold weather and my birthday, is just so special to me. You have Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and My birthday! Who wouldn't love these months?!

I always wish I had a job that allowed me to travel to see the world during the fall and winter time. If I could have 6 months vacation it would be during this time. I could work my butt off for 6 months knowing I would be able to just to enjoy the other 6.

Oh wouldn't that be nice!

Anyway, I just wanted to write something super quick about my love of this month and the 5 that follow.

Gotta get back to work now...


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