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An Aching Perspective

The beginning of the Hebraic new year marked both an end and a beginning. A family, who I love dearly, said goodbye surrounded by family and friends, to their eldest son. He was 17.

When it comes to death, I know it is inevitable. We all know it will happen but we don't always anticipate it being so soon sometimes. When someone passes so young, people always bring that to the forefront. "They were too young, they didn't get to live." But the turnout last night celebrating a life well lived said otherwise.

I loved what the Pastor said, that 17 years compared to 92 is quantified differently to God, for he lives outside of time. This concept of "outside of time" can be difficult for people to comprehend.

He accomplished so much in his time here. From the spark of a dream to the fulfillment, is more than most experience in 5 times his lifetime.

We all are given a purpose here on this earth. Some of us step into that purpose and achieve the ultimate goal much sooner than others. Then God calls them home.

It doesn't make any sense to us, it is so unexpected to us because of how we process and view time and age. We can get wrapped up in the pain that we don't see the victory.

I believe that, Gabe, activated the spirit within so many people. I believe that through his love of life and people and drive for greatness, he inspired those around him.

I had more interactions with him when he was much younger. Being almost 10 years older than him, even I was then, impacted by his will and ambition.

When it comes to thinking about his passing, it is not his death that is sad to me. It is the absence. I think of his family and his dreams. I think of what is impacted from his absence.

And then the peace settles in. Because this is all temporary. Many of us will one day be absent from this place, leaving people behind.

The most comforting part of all this, when I think of all the beautiful people gone from this earth but are literally in the ultimate place, I am reminded that we all will be going back home.

Gabe, returned home. Yes, we get to live on and remember him. And there will be pain and sorrow. But then one day, many of us, as many as possible, will return home too. His life on earth has ended but it is the beginning of a life forever with Jesus!

My heart aches for this family. But this is a victory. It doesn't make sense to rejoice to some people, unless you know that there is a purpose in all of this.

This is another reminder, a perspective shift to realignment.

To the family, I love each of you very deeply. I ache with you and rejoice with you. I stand with you and take on your mantra, to live big, bold and brave, just as your sweet boy did. It is not over until we see him again...and even then...It's not over!

Thank you dude, for being an inspiration. We don't need to know you to feel inspired or be impacted by your legacy. But we can, in your memory, do all that we can to honor your tenacity, dedication and supernatural ability to love.


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