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I've Been Robbing God

How many of us, in the spirit of being real, take an opportunity to post a complain or negative comment or whatever?

With this blog, in posted and un-posted content, I have done this. I have allowed this to be my outlet. Never stopping to think about changing my perspective or my lens of the situation.

I very easily forget how big God is. How easily he can do the unimaginable, the impossible. So many things happen on this earth that trump what cannot be seen with our natural eyes. These things feel larger and more powerful than God.

Because of my lack of sight I have failed to see my situations with a timeless view. I get caught up in the mundane. In the temporary, the potentially unimportant. And I let that become...everything.

I have been over these last few years diving into my soul, my mind, to not necessarily understand but to gain knowledge. Supernatural knowledge and perspective.

I wish I could tell you I have reached the end. Or at least I have gotten much closer than I was a few years ago when I started. But I'm not. I guess I'm a slow learner.

Because of my slowness to grasp, my response time too has also been affected. Which Is why reminders are so important for me. The day will come, I am sure when a reminder would not have brought me from so far away. But a gentle nudge to bring my focus back.

I was reminded today of the greatness and goodness of God. I mean, the dude brought water out of a rock! Turned water into wine! He knows the vastness of the universe! He knows what's beyond what we don't even have words for! So surely, he can guide me in my life endeavors. Surely, he can grant peace and joy to the mourning. If a God that knows all is even concerned with me, then SURELY, he's got me. He's got you.

But yet, I need a reminder.

I need to be reminded of his glory because I am only viewing life through the lens of a temporary body.

Like I said, I am a slow learner. So I cannot guarantee that you won't see posts that aren't from the perspective of someone higher than me. But I promise, I will get that reminder. And sure enough, those less than stellar post will be few and far between.


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