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Fantasy Vacation

I'm going to Florida in about 2 weeks. I've never been there before but I've heard many things. I've seen videos and pictures of 2 of the 3 cities I will visit and they are gorgeous.

I have this fantasy, this hope of how a moment of a day will be...

After, I've worked out and felt productive for the day, I will drive to the beach. It will be close to sunset so, it's cooler. (I hate the I'll set up on the sand with my shade, pull out my mentally relaxing book and let what's left of the sun rays tan my awful farmer lines. It may be a little humid but with the sun going down and a nice breeze the warm mist in the air will be cooled by a steady breeze. I will sit there while the light of the moon dares to take over for the beloved sun.

It sounds wonderful doesn't it?!

Like some thing you read or imagine while you're booking your flight or paying for the hotel.

It's this fantastical image. The mind is so powerful so surely, SURELY, it will happen simply because I've dreamed it!!

I hope it will happen. Even if I have to adjust it. Maybe, I'm sitting at the outdoor table at a resturant I just tried and I'm enjoying the natural splendor of Florida.

Both sound great. And both sound probable. And both help me get over the fact that it's forecast to rain almost the entire duration of my vacation and exceed 85 degrees.

BUT IT SHALL NOT ruin my dream! Just me, a book and the Floridian breeze.




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