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Fighting For Future Me

At work today a co-worker said something that really struck me.We were talking about parents who are tough on their kids, not to ruin their life but to hopefully positively impact their future. She said how someone she knows tells her daughter, every time she gets upset about a decision she makes as her mother, "I am fighting for the future you."

I've learned parents want more and better for their kids. They don't want them to make mistakes that can derail their lives.

So, when I think of my life, of how my parents were with my siblings and I, I believe they were thinking of our future as best they could.

We weren't allowed to do or have a lot of things. My parents limited out tv time, we couldn't spend the night at friend's houses, we had chores and duties. They are Christian we had to do some things very different from how others may have done them. But when I would go to school and hear about kids who never washed their laundry or did the dishes...and didnt know how, I was grateful my parents taught me those things.

I can say my parents did a very good job raising us. Yes, there were extemes and things we should have learned that could have greatly benefited us can't teach what you don't understand.

I hear that Millennials are lazy, lack ambition and motivation and they lack purpose and vision. That they have a "I deserve" or 'It's my right" mentality. And the generation behind us are taking on some of the same mentalities except they are worse off because of the advancements in technology.

I am not glued to my phone. Nor do I feel the needs to be on social media 24/7...unless it has the potential to make me some money. That's always nice.

Ok. To get back to the title... If my parents fought for the future me while the then me was irritated at their decisions...shouldn't I do the same now,as present me?

There are a lot of things I want to do. So many things that it becomes overwhelming to think about. I'd have to live many lives to complete them all.

So, what can I do now to complete as many as possible? Easy. Make decisions now that could benefit me the most later.

Instant gratification, thinking about now. How I feel now, what I want now. Now is only for now. Duh! But now can influence later. So making the best choice now gives you the best outcome later.

This can be difficult to grasp. Especially for younger people...who have never thought past now.

Take a moment and think about how now can affect later.




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