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Rhyme or Reason

Surely, if you have gotten here then you know that my posts are very random and they don't really have any specific direction except what is going on in my life and what I want to write at that point...

But, I remember when I was a kid my English teacher explained "Stream of Consciousness." It was one of my favorite ways to write because it gave me freedom AND I could get a good grade for it.

Things haven't changed much from then. I still enjoy writing this way. I write this blogs exactly how I'm sometimes what I say may not make sense...Sorry. But sometimes, I've thought about it so much that I end up doing a pretty decent job explaining the point I am trying to make.

Many blogs, have picked a certain thing to focus on. Food, travel, kids, whatever. I guess, if I had to put this in a category it would simply be "Life." Because life has no rhyme or reason to it. You make the choices and your life goes down the path the choice leads. *shrug* Each post is a choice. Some may back track some may run off in the wrong direction like with a 3 year old just learning how to play a sport. You may know. When they are that young, helping them understand that the goal they shot at during the 1st half is no longer the same goal in the 2nd half. Now you have opponents scoring for you.

Anyway, back to the point...I've written several posts along these lines. Just to ensure you, as the reader, understand what all of this is. It is a way for me to be me. Like many people, they start in one place of their thoughts and end up somewhere so completely different they might try to see if they can find their way back. *shrug*




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