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Totally Got Stung By The Rejection Bee

Everyone has been rejected. It's life. Someone somewhere has told you "no" at some point in your life. College admissions, sports team, Theater club, maybe a parent or friend.

This particular story deals with a non-verbal rejection. It wasn't one that terribly hurt my feelings. In fact for the past 12 years I haven't even thought about it until I was recently reminded. (Thanks Friend.)

I was out with some friends and we were too impressed with ourselves. Its wintertime so we are as cute as the frigid weather would allow. We're at Six Flags and having a blast. And by the pure will of God, I ended up standing right next to my crush of a...less than a month. Ha! The boy I was convinced I'd marry, Id only known less than 30 days. Haha!

Anywho. Everything aligned and I was in his line of sight. I built up the courage to speak to him. What I said, I wish I could actually remember. But it doesn't matter. Whatever I said didn't phase or impress this Greek giant. (I am not exaggerating his description.) He looked down at me furrowing his dark, thick bushy brows and went back to admiring the roller coaster his friends were about to get onto.

I don't remember what I was thinking but I do remember what I felt. Simply? Confused and silly.

I looked away from him, wide eyed at my stupidity and walked away to catch up to my friends who questioned me about what happen. I didn't know what happened really. It wasn't like he had a reason to be rude to me. But it probably didn't help that I was poor at hiding my interest. So maybe he knew I thought he was cute and decided to not entertain me. Later that night when everyone was gearing up to get on the charter buses, I saw my sister and said boy actually giving her full sentences! She was always cooler than me and could talk to anyone. So, naturally I drilled her about what he said and what she said. I didn't get much out of her because she didn't see the hype of the guy.

But, as I held the Maverick ball in my parents garage that he let my sister have, brought this story back to the forefront of my mind. (Again, thanks friend.)

It's not like this was my first rejection in any capacity nor my last but this one I decided to share with you. Because though I was confused then, it is a nice laugh now.

Moral of the story? Your rejections can one day have an entertaining story.


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