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The Death of Prejudice

I was watching this video of a Canadian English teacher in Korea and he was speaking on a quote he had read. "The death of prejudice is travel or living abroad."

I thought this was so interesting. Now prejudice can be different things but in this case it was about ethnicity. Prejudice is an preconceived opinion not based on reason. 

But how do you know it is unreasonable if you believe it is reasonable. The world can tell you, the people around you can tell you but if you don't see it yourself the thoughts of others is irrelevant. I think of the people, not just in America but globally who are prejudice. Have they lived in their bubble their entire life? Have they traveled anywhere that the people look nothing like them? Could they even travel there? Did they have the means or the desire?

I definitely agree with the quote. But I think it applies best to those who are open to the idea. 

Yes, I believe anything can happen and someone who is unwilling to change can, in an enviornment that provokes a shift of perspective. But that's only for those who step out.

What about those who don't?

As much as we would like racism and prejudice and hate to eliminated from the world, I do not believe it will. However, we shouldn't stop trying...of course. For 50 percent of the world who finally experiences it as it should be...a world where we have the capacity to love one another despite the external differences, is far better than any less percentage. I'd like to believe more than 50 percent of the world see true colors but... I'm not certain. 

After rambling on, what I am saying is this. Searching within ones self and being open to rid the heart and mind of prejudice will position them in a place to see the world as it can be. 

Side note: if you don't like someone let it be for something they have control their attitude. 




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