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I've noticed as I have slowly been going over my blog posts to correct typos, some of my thoughts are incomplete! Well, that's me for ya. I get this idea, or I've been thinking on something for a while but when its time to write it down, it is as if it is no longer in my brain! So, should this be the first post you see, the bad. *shrug*

I like the idea of writing about things and speaking my mind but sometimes I haven't completely thought it through. And writing without thorough thought...well it ends up sounding silly. 

A great deal of the time I have some pretty decent topics to write about. But to take the time to address them in the way I'd like doesnt seem to before this thing went live....

It's quite possible I have performance anxiety. And knowing that content needs to go out according to the schedule I gave myself is like...that feeling you get right after you remember you agreed to do something in advance without calculation of whether you'd actually want to do it when the day arrived... poor comparison?


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