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"Blog!" They say...

Ohh Jeez. I always seem to have so much to say when I'm writing in my personal journal but when I know it will be posted it's like I've got writters block. Before, the ideas would flow because the site wasn't live. It was easy to write my thoughts. So, I have decided on 3 things. You are more than welcome to adopt them.

When I want to post but seem blocked or stress, I give myself permission to fail by remember these 3 things.

1. Foot in mouth syndrome is real and inevitable. Accept it and move on.

2. Remember you only know what you know. If you dont know something no better time than now to learn.

3. Remember points 1 and 2 and write the dang post. 

Easy enough, right? 

Currently, I have about 15 drafts. Some are done and some I am still processing and thinking through but I have already told myself,  no matter what they will be posted. 

Congratulations. You will get to see my processing journey of failure and success. 


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