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Falling in love with love

Ok. Have y'all seen the amazing movie Cinderella, with the one and only Whitney Houston and Brandy??! Try and recall the scene her step-mother, the talented Bernadette Peters, sings before they head off to the know..."falling in love with love is falling for make believe." Now some of the lyrics don't apply to this post but lets see if you can multi-task, singing the song and reading this post!

Anywho, as a young girl, "Love" was just a word. It was explained as something between adults and something falsely represented in movies. It was also associated with God...but that love is perfect and that's not the love I am talking about right now. Now as a young girl, I was so curious and wanted the version I saw in the movies because it just seemed so attainable! Yea...right. So, I unknowingly fell in love with what I thought love was. And boy was I wrong.

All those years later, as I wait for this guy to reveal himself, because he is apparently hiding from me, I have to re-evaluate what I believe love is. When I think about God's love and how we are to reflect it I have to put that love aside because I do not. But, I expect it from him. Like I I wonder, shouldn't love be properly reciprocated? I mean, even in the movies, which I regurgitate at least a dozen times, had reciprocated love. Unless, it's a British film... for some reason, someone is usually hurt because they are in an unrequited love...VERY SAD to watch actually.

Found the tracks. Like I was saying, I was reminded when I listened to this guy speak on Love that if you can fall in love that means it wasn't intentional so you can fall out of it. Deduction: Love must be intentional. You intentionally love someone regardless of their flaws. Love isn't an accident, it is purposeful.



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