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Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit

(Random Question: Did you try to sound out the title?) 

From Nothing Comes Nothing

That is what Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit means. If this is incorrect, please take it up with the Latin major I borrowed these phrases from.

I was listening to a podcast the other day and they were talking about dreamers and doers. How when someone accesses both they can be successful while if they only access one they are setting themselves up for failure. On this I've always known I was a dreamer. Very few times I took action to the big, elaborate dreams that I envisioned. It's not solely because I didn't want to achieve them a great deal of it was about me nothing feeling ready, being consumed with fear and uncertainty.  Compared to a doer, who will take immediate action without possibly stopping and taking a moment to think. I think too much and have a tendency to relax on my dreams BECAUSE I want to think and process them.

One thing one of the guys said really resonated with me... "Sometimes with dreamers they are satisfied with just talking about the dream instead of moving on it." Well thanks man, for peering into my head and calling me out. 

Without work and stamina, you wont be able to achieve much. Nothing in life will just be given to you. Having a true understanding of that for a dreamer I think is important. If you don't make the choice to do something about what you dream about then nothing will happen. You did nothing so you get nothing. From nothing comes nothing. If you continue to do nothing, those dreams will be just that, dreams. Not a reality. And I don't know about some of you dreamers, but THIS dreamer, wants her dreams to be more than what I have imagined and built in my head. I want to see them in the natural.

I found this writer who studied Latin for a while and she some activating and pretty phrases that she wanted to share. However, as I read them, I thought it would be interested to see how I could relate them to my life. Almost giving myself little reminders with one phrase to remember different aspects of life. Like Carpe Diem encourages you to Sieze the day, Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit, reminds you that From nothing comes nothing. 




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