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Screwing up and moving on

In the last 48 hours I have screwed up at least...1000 times. Give or take a few. It is so hard to move on once I make a mistake. I start to think about how I should have done better, how I could have done better then things get really dark sometimes. I get so far into my head that I don't know which way is up. You see this weekend I made a few choices that in the grand scheme of life aren't detrimental but to someone who doesn't like to make poor decisions I really struggled. Ultimately, the choices I made impacted me more mentally and spiritually than physically. Do I wish I could have made a better decision in those moments, OF COURSE!

But as I thought about, right up to the minutes before I decided to blog about this, I came to a realization that I too often forget...there are tests in life and how to handle them can either push you back or launch you forward. However, even if you are pushed back you can still make the conscious decisions from that moment forward to learn from them and move on.

This is am sure will be a constant battle for me. I love to learn but I hate learning the same thing twice. Sometimes, though, you just didn't get it the first time so you gotta receive the lesson. It's ok to screw up as long as it don't keep you down and back.

Get up and move on.

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