• Ashes

I'm a great starter...

But I stink at finishing things.

My ideas are like the ocean. This is about to get really corny, so if that kind of thing annoys you, I have plenty of other posts that might be less corny. So, like I was saying...I have ocean-like ideas and I think there are plenty of people who can relate to that analogy. Sometimes there are things you wish you never said or came across, while other times there are things that are so cool you never tire of. Then there are the rare times, the times that you have gone so deep, you discover something that makes you a pioneer.

Now, when it comes to my ideas, there are some crappy ones that are spoken once then tossed to be lost in the abyss forever. Recently I have had some golden ideas. Ideas that align with my favorite things and career goals. These Ideas are amazing! I write them down, I open my big mouth and tell people about them, I think about them and then...nothing happens. I plan them, fairly well I might add, and I have such passion for them, such vision but I lack action.

So, I have been working on that recently. There have been SEVERAL projects I've started that I have yet to finish. It's disappointing but there is NO EXCUSE! I have the power to do something about it and if nothing happens then its all on me. There is no one to blame. So. These ideas, these projects, I am challenging myself to take action even if they fail and turned out to actually be a dumb idea wrapped up in an amazing least I did something...Maybe you should try that.



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