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Scrub Your Nipples...

Ok. Yes, I want people to read this BUT I didn't title this post. A conversation I was witnessing begin to moms that are very near and dear to me did.

To answer you possible unspoken question, yes, this post is about boobs. But now how you may think. I'm talking about breastfeeding. My sister had a baby 14 days ago and she and our friend Emily were talking about how your boobs hurt terribly when you have to feed your baby so frequently. But Emily was given some advise before she had her baby. The advice was to "prep" your boobs by scrubbing your nipples to slowly develop callous BEFORE your baby arrives. This way you aren't in so much pain you have to take feeding breaks and give your baby formula, which for some moms can make them feel like they aren't doing a good job or that their baby is not getting what they need.

I just HAD to write about this really quick because, though I don't have kids, its tips like this, no matter how bizarre they sound, that can help you out when it's your turn. I am definitely that person that wants to know the useful information, the stuff that scares you off from ever wanting to have a kids while they turn around saying "Oh, but it's worth it!". I'd be nice to wait til there is no going back before know some of this stuff...but then you'd wish you knew.

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