• Ashes

Hidden not Invisible

I've struggled with accepting that I am just not supposed to be seen. There are times I believed that I was fine it, while other times I refused to believe it. It wasn't until recently I realized, it's not that I was invisible. I was hidden. Not hidden, like forced or coerced into hiding. But strategically placed in a position for growth away from the prowling eyes of negativity and discouragement. However, being in this place, I was not battling others but myself. I brought my own negativity into this place. Until it is dealt with this season could last much longer than necessary. In this place of hiddenness I can become the person I am meant to be and desire to be without worry of falling down in front of those who would be quick to kick me while I am down. Understanding the importance of seasons, at least scrapping the surface, has been a game changer for me. I still struggle with things daily that can lead to a place of complete darkness but knowing that there is a an end to every season is comforting.

What I am learning though, is that when it comes to seasons 2 things need to be conscious. 1. Do not walk our of a season pre-maturely. For that is when things can go wrong.

2. Understand and know when the right time to move on to the next season is.

For me, I have been in a chapter in life where I have been so incredibly comfortable that I have no interest in moving seasons. Frustration comes but fear follows so I remain dormant. Curiosity flies in then reality follows. Though this is the case I believe within this chapter there were 2 parts and I was suppose to enter part 2 months ago and decided not to. Intact to this moment I am still working toward the second part because shortly following is a new chapter. A chapter that unless I move forward, I may either never get to or will not be ready for.

I say all this to say, understand the importance of your seasons in life. Learn from everything and build on them...



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