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Broke as a Joke

Updated: Apr 13

Finances. For some reason this wasn't talked about in my house other than the broken record phrase "We can't afford it" or "It's not in the budget". I really wish that we learned about this when we were growing up. Learned how to manage money, save money, properly spend money and how to create a budget. I wish that we learned how to say "NO" or better yet, "Hell No!". But before I go off on a tangent of how we, or I shouldn't pull my siblings into this, how I was extremely ignorant of finances until...a year 24.

Bad financial advice and lack of knowledge is what got me into a heap of trouble and I didn't even know it until I looked at what I made compared to what I had in debt and I realized that travel trips, wedding plans, recreational activities, GYM MEMBERSHIP! Were all a no go. I'll be transparent. I got a credit card at...I believe I was 22. I had a job that paid me a little over 400 bucks, once a month. ( Yes, I know. Stupid.) All I was told, "If you spend, pay it off." Sound advice. But with nothing further. I had that little phrase in my head but I didn't have the income to not fall into a trap blind.

Over the next 2 years, I spend...maybe 2,000 dollars but since I didn't know interests increases as they unknowingly increase your limit that balance more than tripled. I was shocked and so disappointed in myself.

Now, yes, I put myself in this position. I didn't have the knowledge to step into the credit card world. I lacked wisdom and guidance. No blame on anyone but me. So, while I work to get out and never be in debt again I just want to leave you all with these 3 things.

1. It is imperative that you educate yourself on finances. How to budget and manage your money. How to save your money. How to multiply your money.

2. NEVER. EVER. Do more than you can handle with your income or your savings accounts. Spending what you don't have is a guaranteed way to dig yourself into a pit of debt. They set the trap but you CAN avoid it.

3. Always prepare for the worst. If you have multiple savings accounts that are specified for different things like, Health, insurance, bills, then you are less likely to need a credit card or possibly loan because you have prepared for the possibility of spending more than you'd like for the situation. Savings accounts can save you pockets and your hide.



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