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Confessions of a Cursing Christian

Updated: Apr 13

I am human. Let's not forget that. I am no better than you and contrary to what you may think, you are no better than me. With that being said, there is a stigma with "Christians", "religion" and "cursing". Well, it's bullshit. (Sorry Ma.) No-one and I literally mean NO ONE has gone a day in their life without thinking a profanity, let alone saying one. BUT, and I think this is the most important, understanding that the importance of your relationship with Jesus, does not rest on whether or not you use profanities. Pause...

PLEASE NOTE: If you are under 18, I am NOT giving you permission to go against whatever the authority in your life has otherwise told you.

Resume...Growing up it was made very clear that saying "a bad word" was not allowed. It would without question or explanation require a spankin'. It was a given. I never will forget saying the "B" word in the 6th grade; stupidly over a boy no less. My principle made me call my dad, which if you knew anything about my military father, this was extremely bad. He told me, "wait until you get home." Oh LORD!!!! I was distraught and prayed the entire day! (Seriously. I have vivid memories of that day.) Crying but desperately trying to control myself. All of this over a boy with a girl who was actually my friend! (Disclaimer: She was right about this boy.) I was ready to take it back and start the day over. Long story short, I didn't get a spankin' and I actually don't recall getting talked to. I think my dad knew saying those words to me would work and I would NEVER DO IT AGAIN. And I didn't...well I did once more in the 7th grade though I didn't have to tell him but that is a story for another post.

Where I am going with this, if you are still with me, is that at the time being close with Jesus was synonymous with not saying or doing bad things. But as I have grown up, sometimes saying a profanity without saying the lords name in vain is such a RELEASE. I don't say things out loud simply because it has become habit but I sure think it when I get upset. It is definitely not a hobby or recreational, it is occasional and my relationship has not suffered because of it.

HOWEVER, another thing that I have learned when it comes to people is that it all depends on perspective and preference. I know a lady who chooses not to use profanities because of her past and how it interfered with where she wanted to go. While another lady I know, though she doesn't curse often, she does not see it as taboo or something that hinders her in any way. Both of them have a beautiful relationship with Jesus. So, for any of you who don't care, power to you and to anyone who does, power to you too! Now, to those who are so confused and wanted to say a curse word as you read this post like, "what the (insert preferred word) should I do?" Simple answer? Ask God! Cause I certainly can't tell you what to do.



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