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Lazy Princess

Updated: Apr 13

You know the feeling when you realize that someone has got you figured out and you didn't even know that you were the way they said until you heard them say it?

I watched this video about how to know if you have met the one and how the idea of "the one" can mess you up. The guy said that many people, girls specifically, have a Disneyland, fantasy mentality when it comes to romance and when it comes to love. He was saying how that the expectation of perfect can truly weigh on a guy. You have a bar set so high that NO ONE can reach...not even the girl setting them. What I am getting at is that sometimes, most times, these girls have Lazy Princess syndrome. They want the guy to do ALL the work. I admit I was one of them. I had been told that you cannot expect a man to be a certain way that you yourself are not willing to be. Yet still, I lived in a fantasy world. I wanted the guy I married to be everything to me that others weren't. I wanted him to love me more and better than anyone, than I even loved myself. I wanted him to be my favorite superheroes rolled into one AMAZING guy. Cause who can go wrong with a Superman and Captain America?! I mean WHO?!?! That guy would be so stinkin' perfect.

I had unrealistic expectations on whoever this future guy would be. I wanted him to be someone, I couldn't even be. What I needed to do was put a mirror to my words; I needed to reflect. If I wanted him to be fit, then I had to do whatever it took for me to be fit too. If I wanted him to love his job, then I need to find what it is I love so I can do it too. If I wanted to feel protected, then I need to learn how to defend myself.

Stop putting your failures or expectations onto someone else, expecting them to do better and be better than even you.

I don't think that was you?

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