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I'm not Religious

I'm not religious. I don't believe that what you believe determines whether or not you should be accepted or persecuted. I don't believe that what everyone believes is right. I don't believe that because of what I believe I am always a good representative.

There was a time I struggled with what I believed. I had a hard time years ago with understanding the Christian religion and how it applied to the real world. I have a friend who is homosexual. He is proud of it and he is an great guy. At this time, I was religious and I was confused how I could love him and still be considered a christian. I did not understand what and who Jesus really is. HE IS LOVE. At this time, I was hearing homosexuality is bad but the way they were being treated was not good. I was confused. I discovered and learned a lot as I really began to dig into who God is. If he is love and we are required to love others, what does it matter what they believe or how they live? It is NOT my job to change them or persuade them. It is my job to show them Love and only love. Those religious people who claim and give a bad rep to Christianity do not understand what they are believing or reading. They do not understand what everyone regardless of what they believe need to know. That real love does not judge, boast, persecute, hate, condemn; the list can go on!

My friend, who will remain nameless, does not agree with what I believe or how I live my life, nor I him and I don't think we will ever see eye to eye on that but that does not mean I should treat him differently or not show him love. Of course I would love for him to experience Jesus...but like he doesn't try to change me or persuade me, I will not do that to him. It is not my job. My job is to be a light and show him as clear as possible of the love Jesus shows me everyday. I believe in and have a relationship with Jesus and I do believe in Love. And that is what I aspire to show every day, love. To all people, no matter who they are or what they believe. But like I said, I struggle. Don't expect perfection.

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