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I didn't particularly want to start a blog. I've always journaled and in fact found an entry today dated back to July 2009! It was irritating to read honestly. Because how I process struggles then, I have only recently begin to change. 7 years. 7 YEARS! And finally there is a change. I think that is why I chose the title. I think that over the years I have been burning and burning, adding fuel and wood to a fire of raw emotions and lack of plenty, that should have died long ago. This blog is not necessarily specific because what journey is? This blog will be me transforming into whatever beauty the sculpture decides to mold from the ash. I do not know, I do not care. I am just glad the old, bad fire no longer burns; I am ready for a new flame. So from these ashes I will head on this journey. I may say some things that will make me cringe to reread...but it will remain. Sometimes cringe-worthy actions are the best teachers.

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