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Mom Life??

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

This is your life: Work 40 to 50 hour weeks. Up by 5am sleep by 11pm. No breakfast, Fast food for lunch and maybe a dinner from scratch. Football, Ice Skating and Band practices. Traffic and Migraines. Backpacks repacked and lunches made. Last minute emails and homework checks. Ideal? Reality?

I don't have kids, but I have been a nanny in addition to working a full-time job. Taking kids to school, picking them up, helping with homework, taking to practice and maybe making it on time. I helped with chores, laundry and any other chore around the house that was requested to be done. I did what a mom would do, minus bills, shopping, sleep deprivation and a man.

Time management, preparation and spirituality are very important.

Some people who nanny say that it can turn you off to having your own kids. I view it as a sneak peek and a preparation. No I didn't lose nights of sleep like their parents did but getting a sneak peak can help keep you aware of what you wanted your future to be like. Working with kids gives you new perspective. I love the boys I work with, they have become like little brothers. But I don't love them, nor could I take care of them like their parents. It makes me imagine...If I could love someone who, though I have known for practically their entire lives, and would do anything for them, how much more would that feeling amplify with my own kids.

I feel bad for those people who nanny and they are set on never having kids because the ones they work with are little Tasmanian devils. They are likely very young and their minds will change but what if they are older, and they decide that the "mom life" or "dad life" is not for them.

Here is how I think of it. If you can care for someone else's kids... feeding them, changing them and loving them. If you can manage your schedule and the kids schedule don't you think you are that much more ready for your own kids...?

But what do I know...I don't have any kids.

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