My Stupid Mouth

"Has got me in trouble. I said too much again..." The story of my life! Most of the time I will speak on something that I know something about or feel a certain way about it. However, it still doesn't prevent me from saying anything cringe worthy. When things like this happen, where I don't properly read my audience or I voice an opinion that is not widely concurred I become overly over-analytical. I move so far into my head I respond poorly and either will try to over correct, or overcompensate OR decide in the moment to speak less and censor everything. Which would lead me down a path of lessening me. Slowly and surely, I have worked on this particular method of coping with "foot-in-mouth"


If I had a Youtube channel...and liked to be out there like that...I would totally do Vlogmas! But that is not the I want to attempt to do it here! Clearly, I have missed some days...because I just decided to do I may post some extra stuff for the days that I missed. I have come across A LOT of great articles, seen some really cool movies and experienced some new things that would love to share. Now, fall is technically still here and where I doesn't make much difference what season it is supposed to be because this state does whatever it wants anyway. SO! Some things to start off with. Songs to share. Spotify sent me my 2019 Hot list and I didn't realize how much


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