Just a Peek

It's a lot of words...but bear with me.

I chose From The Ashes to be the name of my blog because so often when things aren't going as planned or something is burning down in our life it is so easy to believe in the finality of it; that whatever we lost, is lost forever. I'd like to think that in that moment, when all seems lost, when everything is gone, that something beautiful can arise. Something never imagined can be birthed. Sometimes things need to die or burn down before it can be rebuilt. A Sequoia Tree's cones require fire to release seeds that take root in the soil providing the right conditions for growth. Sometimes fire is needed for beauty to rise.

From the Ashes is all about my journey. "Falling" from home, then having what can seem like an unexpected fire coming along and completely changing my environment. There is a process, a journey, that I've been traveling on. And the time came for the me to be buried. I have been buried for a while, I think. But the time has come for me to step out and grow into that massive redwood I always wanted to be. Corny...I know!


 As I write this I am listening to a movie score, Far From a Madding Crowd.  I LOVE movies and more specifically, especially if the movie is good, I love their scores. Sometimes I prefer listening to music by myself over human interaction. Which reveals a part of me and also why I chose to do this. I'm pretty content with being alone to the point that I don't do or go many places. I have a handful of friends I invest time into but I really chose to be closed off from the world. However, as an aspiring writer, I think there are aspects of my life that need to change, like being more intentional.  Starting with submitting to the process of allowing people in, without knowing who they are.



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